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Stop fighting the water and get comfortable.

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Learn to run efficiently, reduce Injury and fatigue

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Biking Skills

sometimes the what we view as a strength can be a limiter. Log purposeful kilometers that gain strength and skill.

Swim Coaching

We work on efficient swimming… when you are efficient, you use less energy, go faster and dare I say enjoy the water.

Running Coaching

Running is difficult. Learn to run efficiently to reduce the chance of injury and fatigue. Finish upright and smiling!

About Us

Here at Tri Fit, we strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your goals and your life. Triathlons are not for everyone. They are crazy difficult. However, if you have the ‘want to’ I can help get you there.

It seems there is always one leg that is a ‘impossible’. The ‘I can do it except for that…’ or ‘I’m not sure I can put it all together’.

Our Services

  • Biking Skils
  • Swin Coaching
  • Running Coaching
  • Nutrition Councelling

How it Works



Thanks Bill for the commitment to this training. I know I really appreciated it, especially all the tips and guidance with my swimming technique.


Thanks so much for coaching the TRI course. I thought that it was very well done, well laid out and organized. I liked the set up of the swim/bike on Saturdays and the run/swim on Wednesdays. I particularly have appreciated all the feedback and swim coaching as it has been quite a struggle for me to unlearn 50 years of habits! The transition training was invaluable and so much appreciated… It is the little things that you have learned through your experience that I found so valuable.